Newfound interest in eco-friendly design has homeowners weighing the pros and cons of green design. For us at SENGA, the answer is clear. Green design is beneficial for both the environment and our health.

While a number of homeowners consider the cost of green design to outweigh the benefits, there are several factors to consider before writing off green design altogether. Here are some of SENGA’s reasons to consider eco-friendly design in your home.


Natural resources used for interior design are incredibly durable. Using cork, concrete, or bamboo for floors is just as sturdy as traditional hardwood and perhaps even more so.  Cork for example is exceptionally resilient. This product is difficult to damage even when heavy items are dropped on them.  Additionally, many reclaimed glass and wooden items can live on in your home for years to come with the proper care.


Although the initial cost of integrating eco-friendly design can be on the higher end of your budget, the benefits down the line will outweigh the monetary amount you pay upfront. Reduced energy bills is just one of the ways to save. Many cities offer tax breaks for implementing energy efficient appliances in addition to recycle programs for your old appliances and furniture.

On Trend

Eco-friendly interior design is on trend in 2016 and will be for a while! Design elements that are sustainable are in demand, specifically with younger generations. Not only will you enjoy the benefits of your luxurious green remodel now, in the future, eco-friendly elements can add value to your home if you choose to sell.

Environmental Contribution

It is clear that eco-friendly design benefits the environment. In addition to the positive steps you will take to aid in the protection of our resources you will also reap the moral benefits of knowing you are doing your share. Each time you turn on your lights, wash your hands, or walk on your sustainable floors you know that you have made changes for the good of our planet and your health.

Eco-friendly design is an important aspect to our jobs here at SENGA interior design. It should also be an important factor for you to consider before your next remodel.

Are you interested in an eco-friendly remodel?

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