"Did You Read Last Week's Snowflake Blog? 

Last week I gave you the vision behind the commercial interior design process for Snowflake, a startup-computing firm in San Mateo, California.  Today, I want to share some of the functional design elements that stimulate Snowflake's fun and creative team environment.

First, we focused on functionality.  We created a space that was very forgiving to any accidents or spillage.  For example, we used carpet tiles that Snowflake can easily replace or clean if it is soiled or damaged.  

We also incorporated some traditionally residential furniture pieces to allow the employees to relax and enjoy work.  Throughout the project, we continuously selected design elements that would be both functional and beautiful.

Second, we added some elements to inspire the employees’ creativity.  As you can see in the photo above, we have an actual ski lift in the entryway!  

This fun and unique environment continues as you move through the space.  In order to reinforce this playful theme, we named the various workrooms after different ski resorts (I mean, after all, Snowflake Computing was conceptualized at a ski resort).

Finally, we also had a lot of fun designing the break room.  This is truly a fun space that we designed to create community, rejuvenate employees, and host fun events.  We incorporated the Snowflake blue and brought in some fun green accents.  We used colorful chairs and rugs to make it an energetic room that still allowed everyone to relax and recharge their batteries.  We even added extra color by integrating some colorful tiles that they did not even know existed. 


What about your workplace? How does it inspire creativity?  Let me know in the comments below.