Author: Agnes Moser

SENGA’s Commercial Design: Snowflake Computing

Did you know that Senga Interior Design loves to work with commercial spaces too? Well, I am excited to share with you the vision and goals behind the recent redesign of Snowflake, a startup-computing firm in San Mateo, California. Senga Interior Design helped Snowflake relocate from a 4,000 square-foot area to a booming 11,000 square-foot commercial space.  Snowflake wanted a fun workspace for their employees with some individual areas for marketing and engineering.  And we delivered!   We took the empty shell of the 11,000 square-foot office and transformed it into a place where the employees can connect, relax,...

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Easy-To-Install Smart Home Technology

"The future is here today" With the rapid advancement of technology, what was once considered a dream is now easy to integrate into your home design. Imagine yourself being woken up every day by soothing sounds of your choice, blinds opening automatically, and your coffee fresh and ready to go without you lifting a finger, or coming home late at night with lights and fireplace turning on as soon as you say so. On vacation, but remembered you left the heat on? Click a few buttons on your phone, and it’s off! No more worries. The Smart Home Now...

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