As many of you already know, SENGA Interior Design relocated to Burlingame in a beautiful new office space on Rollins Road.  If you have not seen our new interior design firm, then make sure to check out our photos.  Burlingame is the perfect place to explore on the weekend, get that last minute present, or enjoy a beautiful lunch with a friend.  However, did you know that Burlingame has a rich history that started with the Spanish settlers?

Burlingame: A Bustling Town Between San Francisco & Silicon Valley

Burlingame is one of the most beautiful towns in California. Still heavily influenced by its Spanish origin, the history of Burlingame officially begins with Spanish explorer Juan Bautista de Anza’s first documentation of the eventual city in his diary. Since then, the Spanish missionaries began development of the San Mateo/Burlingame area as farmland to support their missions. As power began to shift from the missionaries to ranchers and secular governors, Governor Pio Pico claimed ownership of the land as a gift to his secretary, Cayetano Arenas. However, shortly after this exchange an uprising caused Cayetano to hand over his land to a San Francisco mercantile company called Howard & Mellus.

Eventually, after his retirement Howard gained sole ownership of the land, and moved there with his wife. Howard passed away in 1856. As part of a vision to develop a “sacrosanct colony”, William C. Ralston, founder of Bank of California, purchased the land after Howard’s death. Sometime after, Anson Burlingame visits, and is taken on a tour by Ralston, who shares his vision of selling the land to wealthy friends. So taken by the land and Ralston’s vision, Anson Burlingame purchases 1,100 acres and names it after himself, Burlingame.

Unfortunately, Anson Burlingame never had a chance to develop the land. He died on a trip to Russian in 1870. The land was returned to Ralston, who died five years later. William Sharon, Ralston’s business partner takes ownership over the land, but it was his son-in-law who began the development of Burlingame. Francis G. Newlands established the Burlingame Country Club in 1893, which led to the building of a railroad station in 1894. Spreading from San Mateo to San Francisco, a town slowly built around the railroad. In 1901, the first two stores opened in Burlingame Square.

In 1906, the San Francisco earthquake ran its devastating course. In the aftermath of the disaster, hundreds began their search of a new home, and found it in Burlingame. In this new town, people were able to enjoy the life of the big city without having to live in it. This jump in growth led to its incorporation in 1908.


What Do You Like To Do in Burlingame, CA?

Now, as an interior designer, I find inspiration everywhere!  The bustling downtown strip is a great place to relax and enjoy the feel of Silicon Valley. 

What about you?  What is your favorite thing to do in Burlingame?