There is an abundance of new color coordination trends to explore in 2016. At SENGA interior design, we are inspired by Pantone’s 2016 color of the year, Rose Quartz and Serenity. Pantone has selected several color pairings to complement their Color of the Year selections.

These pairings showcase exceptional color coordination trends perfect for any room in your home this year.

Here are a few of SENGA’s favorite color coordination ideas for 2016 based on a Pantone’s 2016 Rose Quartz and Serenity color pairings!

Color Coordination with Cool Tones

Want to create a relaxing space in your home? Achieve this look with a color palette that features Pantone’s Arctic Ice, Opal Blue, and Puritan Grey. These serene hues come together to create a soothing color scheme.

Color Coordination

This trio pairs impeccably well with Pantone’s Color of the Year Serenity. Perfect for a tranquil bathroom or serene bedroom, each color is exceptionally versatile within your space.



Sweet Spring Color Coordination

In the midst of winter, we at SENGA find ourselves dreaming of warm weather and beautiful beaches. Pantone provides us with some Color of the Year Pairings to solve our winter weather blues.


Would you like the warmth and joyful atmosphere of Spring in your living room? Choose Lentil Sprout as a bold accent color or a nature inspired wallpaper. 

Rose Quartz reminds us of delicate spring blossoms without being too sweet. We can feel the gentle breeze and smell the roses. Light colored wood and warm toned metals complement the color scheme. All we want to do is relax with a friend and have some rosé bubbly!

Finding a Balance

Color coordination for any space requires balance. SENGA interior design strives to complement each color within a space. The balance of light and dark hues is an important factor to consider when crafting a color palette.


To incorporate Rose Quartz into any design, consider grounding the pale color with a more saturated color like Granite Gray or Major Brown.

Round out your color coordination with a cream or gold accent color

Playing with Color in 2016

Throughout the rest of January SENGA interior design will explore new design trends and color coordination options for your home.

We also have lots of exciting color palettes to revamp your most lived in spaces in 2016.

You don’t want to miss what is trending at SENGA interior design, be sure to come back for more design inspiration!


Which 2016 color coordination do you like the most?

Tell us your favorite in the comments below!