Here at SENGA interior design, we are consumed with all things color!   

We recently published blogs on Color Coordination Trends and the Pantone’s Color of the Year, and today is all about how to use color in order to give your most lived in spaces the makeover they deserve.  

Get inspired!  Here are a few interior design tips to transform your living room and master bedroom with a fresh SENGA inspired color palette.  

The Perfect Color Palette for Your Living Room

Creamy Compliments  


Off-whites are still trending in 2016. Combining them with clean lines they are ideal for your living room.

Try Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster for a neutral foundation in your living room.


This beautiful creamy shade pairs brilliantly with the warm neutrals from the Pura Vida color palette. Create a soothing scheme with Doeskin and Grey Area as accent colors.

The Cozy Color Palette

 Be bold in 2016. Make a statement in your living area with highly saturated tones like Urbane Bronze.

For a balanced color palette, pair this rich wall color with Sherwin Williams’ Blackberry or Tempe Star.

 Opt for a creamy accent color and rich wood tones to achieve a cozy and inviting space. 

A ‘Touch of the Unexpected’ for Your Master Bedroom

Neutral Color Palettes 

Wake up feeling refreshed with a serene color palette for your master bedroom. Shades of cream like Aged White open up the space for an airy feel.

Incorporate deeper shades of creams and browns to play with the monochromatic color scheme.

Use rich wood accents or a bold headboard to anchor the room and, voila!

Transitional Elegance 

Indulge in elegance. Create some dimension with a deep grey accent wall or headboard.  Choose rustic burnt orange for a pop of color in the space.


Play with creamy accent pillows and throw blankets to enhance the comforting vibe of your master bedroom

You have just begun 2016, and there is no better time to create the space you have always imagined. We hope that the color coordination tips will help you use color to transform your living area and master bedroom into the sanctuary you have always dreamed of having.  

Choose a color palette that speaks to you and treat yourself to the tranquil space you deserve.  

What color palettes do you like most?  

Let us know in the comments below!