Enhance the look and feel of your kitchen and bathroom with the perfect color scheme this year.  Play with new paint colors and you will give your home a facelift without doing a major remodeling project.   

Make sure you read our other blogs on color trends, including, Pantone Color of the Year and, coming soon Color Pallets for Your Living Room and Bedroom in 2016.  You are sure to notice that soft shades and muted color schemes are making their way throughout our homes in 2016.  

Keep reading so you too can try out some of SENGA interior design’s favorite color schemes for your kitchen and bathroom!

Subtle Shades of Color

Warm and vibrant colors added spice to your kitchen in previous years. So far in 2016, we have seen a shift towards subtle shades and muted color palettes in kitchen designs.  

Kitchen Color Schemes

Pastels are trending! Create the perfect color scheme with subtle shades of green, grey, and cream. Here at SENGA, we love the muted green hue for a trendy cabinet color.

Choose a white or warm cream for your wall color, then, tie the whole look together with a rich natural wood floor. 

This look will add the perfect pastel charm to your kitchen in 2016.

Clean Lines and Calming Colors

 The pastel trend is perfect for your bathroom as well. Clean lines and bright airy spaces will instill a peaceful aura in your master bath. 

Color Schemes for your Bathroom 

Indulge in your own oasis! Enhance the relaxing atmosphere with a bold and vibrant white tub and sink design. Opt for a subtle grey on your walls, then incorporate a serene blue hue in your tile backsplash, and add plush towels to round out your color scheme. 

Cohesive Color Schemes

Your home can provide the perfect escape from bustling city life and daily stressors. Relaxing in your favorite spaces will be even more calming with these trendy pastel color schemes. 

 At SENGA the new color palettes have our wheels turning. We know you will love to incorporate the subtle shades and the muted hues into your perfect oasis. 

What is your favorite pastel color scheme?  

 Let us know in the comments below!