Color is a beautiful and important component of interior design that we at SENGA love to play with.  Color adds character; it can personalize a space while adding a ‘touch of the unexpected’.

Color trends, like anything else continuously evolve, which is why we love exploring Pantone’s color choices from years past and look forward to how each new Pantone Color of the Year (COY) will inspire interior design.

Let us take a look back:

History of Pantone’s Color of the Year

Leatrice Eiseman, the Executive Director of Pantone’s Color Institute, quotes, “The Color of the Year should be an expression of a mood, an attitude on part of the consumer.” She believes choosing the COY is a thoughtful process. And once a color is chosen, it should reflect the world around us. Each chosen color pulls from aspects of society and the direction in which the world is being influenced.

Color of the Year Influencers

When the Pantone Color Committee selects each COY, many diverse components from around the world become influencers.

Leatice Eiseman first looks to fashion for inspirational color trends, much like 2015 the year of Marsala, which became a staple color in most wardrobes. She and her team travel world wide to major cities photographing people in Milan, Paris, London and other fashion capitols for color concepts.


Beyond fashion, the color committee evaluates upcoming films for color themes, and pinpoints ideas stemming from the automotive industries, additionally, art movements across the world contribute to the selection.

Understanding world-wide trends and unique facets to everyday life is key to choosing the Pantone Color of the Year.

Color Trends Looking Back

So what can we expect in 2016?

For the past several years, Pantone has chosen vibrant, bold and rich colors to feature. 2015 brought us Marsala, while 2014 enlightened us with Radient Orchid and 2013 had us enthralled with brilliant Emerald. These bold choices had us at SENGA feeling empowered and daring, often pushing boundaries to incorporate color within our designs. 


Color Trends Looking Ahead

We are excited to explore Pantone’s 2016 Color of the Year in part 3 of this blog series. Pantone is switching things up, moving away from the deep saturated tones, embarking in an entirely new direction.

For the very first time we are presented with a blend of 2 colors from Pantone.

Stay tuned for Color Trends Part 3 as we explore Pantone's beautiful 2016 Colors of the Year.


If you could choose a Color of the Year what would it be?

Let us know in the comments below.