"The future is here today"

With the rapid advancement of technology, what was once considered a dream is now easy to integrate into your home design.

Imagine yourself being woken up every day by soothing sounds of your choice, blinds opening automatically, and your coffee fresh and ready to go without you lifting a finger, or coming home late at night with lights and fireplace turning on as soon as you say so. On vacation, but remembered you left the heat on? Click a few buttons on your phone, and it’s off! No more worries.

The Smart Home

Now with everything being connected through the internet, and the option of having all our devices linked, the Smart Home has become a reality.

There is a myriad of Smart Home technologies that caters to every need.  You can start with your basic heat and lighting system to a more advanced system that rivals that of Tony Stark’s. I’m exaggerating, but you get the idea. If you’re thinking about turning your home into a Smart House, start off with some basics before you get into the big leagues.

The Smart Lock

This keyless technology is the August Smart Lock. It allows you to lock and unlock your door through your phone, keeps a log of who enters and exits your home, and even lets you let your guests in without you needing to be around.


Tending Your Garden

Bitponics has a smart system that allows you to tend to your garden with little effort, and maximum efficiency and results. This amazing piece of technology has sensors that measures humidity, temperature, and more, and creates reports to help you personalize and find better ways to care for your garden.

Customized Heating

You can control your heating from your home, or with this device, you can also have technology learn your heating preference. The Nest is based on learning technology where it learns your schedule to program itself, while also saving you 20% in your cooling and heating bills.

Knock Knock

One great addition to add to your home is face-time caller ID. When someone rings your bell, you can set up the camera system to allow you to screen and have video conversations with whoever is at your door.  You can also set it to snap pictures of visitors when you’re away.

Smart technology is made to be efficient and convenient for the owner. A Smart Home can be set to feed your pets at a certain hour, create mood lighting, heat the bedroom before you wake up, wake you in an emergency, prefilling the bath tub, and even care for the elderly in your life.  Smart Home technology is also great for the eco-friendly who is looking to reduce their energy usage and cut down on the electric bill. For the design driven, you will often find clean lines and modern detailing associated with the systems to go with any home décor.

Tell us in the comments below about your ideal Smart Home technology!