'Discover the Benefits for You...'

I have done a complete overhaul of the face of my business to serve my clients better.  I know that there are many choices for an interior designer on the San Francisco Peninsula, and so I looked at each element of my business and made SENGA Interior Design even more client focused.

NEW LOCATION: New Meeting Space for Clients

I have handpicked every element of my new design firm in Burlingame, CA, to embody my design style and create a welcoming environment for my clients.  There is ample room to layout fabric samples, go over design boards, and select that inspiration piece that will pull the entire design together. 

SOCIAL MEDIA: Get More Designer Tips

Are you following SENGA Interior Design on Twitter?  Have you ‘liked’ our Facebook page?  Have you followed our design advice on Houzz?  If not, you are missing out!  As the Principal Designer at SENGA Interior Design, I have invested in social media to give you more design advice and fuel your creativity. 

NEW LOGO: Easier to Recognize Our Design Essence

Have you ever tried to refer me to a friend?  During this process, you need to explain, not only how I helped you, but also my design essence.  Therefore, I made sure that you could look at my logo and start the conversation about how I create organic spaces that always have that ‘touch of the unexpected!’

NEW WEBSITE: Easier to Access Client Projects for Inspiration

Do you want to get access to my latest client projects?  Now it is even easier!  My new website has divided the projects into Commercial Projects, Residential Projects, and Before & After Project Photos.  If you have not checked it out, click here to see SENGA Interior Design's new website!  

NEW ASSISTANT: Greater Support During the Design Process

Are you interested in changing something within your design process?  Do you want to know the status of your design implementation?  I have brought on Karla Herica, a budding young designer, as my Interior Design Assistant to help!