"Are You Inspired by Summer's Color Scheme?"

Interior design color schemes often follow the emotions in each season-And, Summer is about life and fun! What’s a better way to refresh your home’s interior design color scheme for the summer months than with color? Here are a few fabulous colors for this season to add to your home.

Coral Color Scheme

Corals have a way of brightening up a room while creating warmth and energy. It’s also an excellent color for beach themed décor. Add some coral to your life with accent pieces, paint, and contrasting it with cooler tones, like blue.

Refreshing Pastels Color Scheme

Pastels are a fresh way to bring color into your home’s interior design while remaining neutral and subtle. Create more interest and pop by using splashes of contrasting colors.

Greek Blue Color Scheme

This one is my favorites. Summer is all about feeling light, airy, and refreshed. Take some inspiration from Grecian minimalism. Build your interior design canvas on bright, white, and cool neutral coloring, while adding that pop of blue. You could almost feel the Mediterranean breeze wafting through your windows.

Whether you like the bright morning sun, or the warm sunset glow, cool or warm, interior design colors are an essential way to create the feel and mood of the home. Try some of these interior design color trends this season for a simple way to revamp and recharge this summer.

What are some of your favorite colors of summer?