Have you been scouring interior design websites for your ideal chair?  Do you know how to pick furniture based on your interior design style?  Finding the right chair can be a daunting task. There are so many options, styles, materials, and comfort levels designed to suit various needs. Here are some of SENGA’s tips for choosing a chair for the different areas in your home.


The living room not only has the highest amount of traffic, but is often where we spend the most time sitting. Comfort here is paramount. First, think about your style and the overall look of your space.

Do you prefer a contemporary look, maybe something more traditional, or even somewhere in between?  Then as you look for the style of couch, love seat, or chair, give it a test run, and visualize yourself using that item in your everyday life.


Take your time here. Your couch is just as valuable as the mattress you sleep on. Also, combine different comfort levels and textures. If you choose something sleek and modern, add some texture with plush throw pillows or blankets. Here you offer yourself and your guests different options for different moods, while creating an eclectic but elegant look.

The Dining Room

Ah the dining room. Next to the living room, this could be one of the most social spaces in your house. Here I would suggest seating that is geared more towards the firmer side. This can help keep your guests engaged while they get stuffed with turkey on Thanksgiving Day. Seating that’s too comfortable might lull grandpa right to sleep. Opt for chairs with bold structure or patterns for a pop of unexpected design in this area. Dining room chairs are one of my favorite elements to play with during a redesign, did you happen to see the Lucite Chairs in my last post?


Seating in the bathroom is optional, but immediately adds style points when you have it. Choose a love seat or chaise to turn your bathroom into a spa, or add a classic, but statement chair to fill some empty space and have seating for those deep conversations you have with close loved ones. I suggest picking out water resistant material to withstand steam.

The Bedroom

This is a great way to fill in space for a larger-than-life master bedroom. Create luxury by choosing a seating set that is as lush as it is luxurious. This is your place of rest, so the cozier the better!

Include some soft pillows and throw blankets. This is perfect for conversations with your spouse or getting lost in a good book during a rainy afternoon. It’s even better with a fireplace.

The overall style of your perfect chair is important, but it means nothing if your home décor has no substance. It’s important to think about how you want to utilize your room. Choose furniture that complements the overall mood you want in each room. As an interior designer, choosing the perfect furniture is like a puzzle. Each piece needs to fit perfectly into the overall design esthetic and the clients’ lifestyle. With so many unique and exquisite pieces to choose from the design options are unlimited.

I hope my tips have helped!

If you need some design ideas for you home, ask your questions in the comments below!