Design With A Purpose

Are you thinking about remodeling and looking for some innovative home decorating ideas?  Interior design is not just about beautifying your home.  In many ways, it is actually about creating a safe place through proper space planning.  Many interior design websites offer interior decorating ideas that can help you live comfortably; but what about interior design ideas that protect your favorite assets?

Today’s blog is about how you can protect your home while incorporating it into your home décor.

Undercover Garage

secret-rooms-11 (1)

Buying your first car, especially if it’s your first luxury car, is such a big milestone in everyone’s life. The garage is your car’s room. It’s also the workshop, the storage area, the laundry room, and the space of potential accidents threatening to damage your car. Protect your vehicle and safe from envious eyes by keeping it in its own hiding spot underground. This idea is unexpected, stylish, elegant, and highly impressive.

Security System


Having a solid security system will help protect you and your loved ones, as well as your home. You can find many stylish options, like the security camera above, that will be discreet and blend well into the home’s exterior.

The Vault


Having a safe is essential to protecting your assets, including jewelry, valuable heirlooms, and important documentation. Investing in a quality safe or vault can ensure that in emergency situations, your most vital material possessions will be protected. But what’s even more important than ensuring that those possessions are locked and safe from the elements is making sure it’s hidden. Which brings me to…

The Safe Haven


A room hidden from sight can act as an added barrier for your vault, and can offer itself as a general hiding space. More and more companies now are expanding into this specialized form of security. From design and installation to disguising the entrance to creating elaborate locks, each hidden room will be customized to your needs.

Protect What Matters

Owning a home and having assets is such a big part of our lives.  Home ownership becomes a new beginning, a new stage of life.  These are just a few ways to help protect your way of life. If you would like more interior design inspiration on how to protect your home, check out our blog on Smart Houses.