Nothing is more reassuring during these long winter nights than a welcoming light! For centuries, people have tried to extend the daylight hours, allowing them to work longer, enjoy past times and ward off all bad things: animals, burglars, nightmares.

How far have we come since the first attempts: torches were the first handheld light source, followed by oil lamps, candles, incandescent bulbs and a rapidly changing field of artificial lighting. One of the latest (and greatest?) innovations certainly has been LED (Light Emitting Diodes). From its first humble appearances, as light strips under kitchen cabinets, it has opened a wonderful opportunity for designers to be creative and elevate light fixtures to art.

One of the companies that has caught my eye lately is Swarovski.

‘In 1895, in Tyrol, Austria the visionary Daniel Swarovski invented a machine to cut crystal perfectly and precisely. Still owned and run by the Swarovski family today, Swarovski is the world leader in cut crystal for jewelry and decorative pieces as well as lighting, architecture and interiors.’

They were known initially for decorative items like miniature animals and figurines as well as jewelry.

 ‘Swarovski unveiled its own luxury lighting collection in 2011 at Euroluce, Europe’s leading design show in Milan.’

And look what they have created!

Crystal Empire

This seemingly simple chandelier mesmerizes by combining two luxury materials not usually seen together: leather and crystal – that’s right: look closely and you can see the stitching on the ‘arms’ of the chandelier which features a single large crystal in the center.

Amaca Sconce

Against the wall: ‘Amaca by Swarovski is a harmonious union of precision-cut crystal with an organic-inspired frame. Up to 400 Swarovski crystals are gracefully cradled by LED light, forming captivating light and crystal refractions in the space below. Available as a pendant and wall sconce, Amaca is perfect for contemporary spirits.’


It’s all in the DNA: ‘Crystalon expresses the decoding of a crystal’s DNA in this lustrous creation. In a composition of lightly fused crystals, an asymmetrical pattern converges, mimicking an elemental base. Crystalon explodes with fascination.’


Flowers in the middle of winter: ‘Evoking scenes of tree branches blooming with flowers, Apta by Swarovski is an emotive, nature-inspired pendant design. Light passes through precise cutouts filled with crystal to form intriguing reflections. Apta is available in three special pendant shapes and four classic Swarovski finishes.’


And finally: an amazing ‘light’ fall of 2,068 individual crystals, this chandelier measures 110” tall and weighs almost 600lbs! Imagine this in a grand staircase – breathtaking!

Which of these Swarovski light fixtures is your favorite?
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