One of my favorite projects lately was this condo remodel in San Mateo. It had a great location, was in a quiet neighborhood with water views and close to amenities. The 1 bedroom 2 bath condo with a loft space had good bones but was lacking in optimal space planning. Here are some examples of how we maximised the available space:

The living room was of medium size and would easily accommodate a nice seating area (still to come) in front of the fireplace. however, the awkward niche under the stairs was just that: awkward.

There was very little storage available in the kitchen, so the space under the stairs was converted into a custom built storage and display unit: The part on the left holds cleaning supplies including the vacuum, while the one on the right houses bulk items. The middle part is decorative on top with accent lights over glass shelving and has more storage on the bottom. A creative way to use an awkward niche.

Creams and soft greens keep this living room light and airy. The fireplace was refinished with a limestone slab. The rich wood tones continue into the dining room.

Since so many important moments and discussions will happen in this room, I wanted the space to be more alive and exciting. While keeping with the light décor, I took some inspiration from the artwork you see on the wall and used it as my inspiration for the color palette, while strategically bringing nature into the home by incorporating natural furnishings built with contemporary and modern lines.

For the kitchen remodel, space planning was crucial to the overall design. The sink, stove, and fridge are strategically placed to optimize movement and convenience in the small space, and the color palette was kept light to make it appear larger and more spacious. Creamy yellow glass tiles with stripes of alternating greys and greens add to the contemporary interior design while creating a calm atmosphere.

In this very small galley kitchen for one cook it was most important to get as much use out of the space as possible. We installed a 30” refrigerator, a 30” range with double oven and an 18” dishwasher. All this allowed us to incorporate a space saving pull-out pantry.

I really enjoyed working on this project and being challenged by the small space. It was like solving a 3D puzzle and the client really likes her new space!

So, let me know which room is your favorite and why?


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