Springtime is beautiful in the San Francisco Bay Area! Floral blooms and beautiful skies have us excited for warmer weather and seasonal colors! Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. It is also the perfect time to bring new colors into your home. Are you inspired to decorate for spring or looking for more ways to add spring décor to your home’s interior?

Incorporate some of SENGA’s elegant accent colors for the perfect touch of spring.

Blush and Creme

Blush and Creme

A beautiful blush hue is a staple in spring accent colors. The soft shade adds a delicate touch to design.

Incorporate blush window treatments or a trifold screen with blush tones. Use blush as a pop of color with hydrangeas and decorative items or a throw blanket.


Pair this subtle shade with a creamy neutral. Shades of off-white will create an airy feel in your space, creamy textured pillows, coffee table trays, or even a new rug will give your room a fresh spring time feel.

Creamy Yellow and Pale Blue Accent colors

A creamy yellow and pale blue color combination is ideal for spring accent colors. A soothing blue like Pantone’s Serenity pairs beautifully with soft yellow shades. 

This combination offers a restorative vibe perfect for spring. Use this color combination in your dining room, choose a table centerpiece with creamy yellow flowers and decorative items. 


Creamy Yellow and Pale Blue Accent colors

Then, add soft blue slip covers to your dining chairs. Finally swap out some of the decorative pieces on your buffet table for complimenting blue, yellow and cream accents.

Rose Quartz and Gold

Rose Quartz and Gold

Metallic touches will add sophistication to your room this spring. Brilliant gold tones are an exquisite contrast against shades of pink.

The key with this combination is to find the perfect balance for your space. Ideal for your bathroom, opt for plush Rose Quartz towels.


Then, add a touch of gold when you swap out your existing artwork for a complimentary piece with an ornate frame. Incorporate additional gold finishes on your counter with gold vases and containers for all your bathroom necessities. Rose Quartz and Gold accent colors will add an elegant twist to your bathroom, giving it new life this spring.

These accent colors will refresh your home’s interior. Have fun with your décor using seasonal colors and elegant new accent pieces. 

 Your guest will love to see how your home is evolving throughout the seasons.  


Which accent colors are your favorite?  

 Let us know in the comments below!