Your furniture should make a statement! Not not only are they functional and integral to our home, they afford us designers a chance to play with artistic flare. Every year, incredible designers reimagine traditional furniture pieces into extraordinary works of art.  Here are a few finds that I adore, and that you might find inspiring for your next remodel.



With its symbolism stemming from traditional Chinese culture, beautiful bamboo mirrors are created to reflect the best of you. Bamboo symbolizes tenacity and uprightness, bringing into your home a touch of integrity, meaning, and high end elegance. In addition to their sophisticated design, these mirrors are eco-friendly options, ideal for a green remodel or an elegant twist on a bathroom staple.


This is your traditional leather revamped. Metallic leather is a uniquely luxurious statement piece that not only adds that element of glamour and fun, but also is elegant and will quickly uplift any interior design. The sofa you see is a fantastic modern twist of the widely adored tufted leather sofa. If you are not ready to take the plunge and swap out your current sofa for a metallic masterpiece, update your furniture with trendy metallic throw pillows. This is an easy yet chic way to add some glamour to your space.


Lucite chairs aren’t new, but these chairs are remarkable for their simplicity. Ultra-modern, they open up the entire room with their invisible nature, while the cushions ground your design and create a luxurious feel. Together the chairs offer a sense of lift and lightness, as if the cushions themselves were floating. A unique and modern variation to traditional dining chairs, these will surely add a touch of the unexpected to your dinner parties.


These are just a select few of many amazing pieces that emerged on the market. I am always searching for thought provoking and inspiring furniture finds. When I travel, visit friends, and even browse the internet, I am constantly on the look-out for design elements that will spark a conversation in my client’s homes.


Where is your favorite place to find unique furniture pieces?

Share with me what you have discovered!