Spring weather has us singing the praises of sunshine here on the Peninsula. Warm temperatures and brilliant spring colors have begun to influence our fashion choices, weekend activities, and of course our interior designs.  So, get ready for some ideas on how to bring some more sunshine into every aspect of your life!

Spring colors deliver fresh design inspiration and create new opportunities to play with color throughout the home. Here are three bold Spring color palettes to reinvigorate your home.

Praise for Peach

Praise for Peach

Peachy hues have long been associated with spring color palettes. Playful and bright, Pantone’s Peach Echo is ideal to pair with a muted tone like Pantone's Lilac Grey

Reimagine elegance in your bathroom with an accent wall painted Lilac Grey.


Then, incorporate the perfect pop of peach throughout the room with plush towels, bath curtains and intricate design elements on your counter. Offset the two shades by pulling ivory and muted green compliments throughout the room. Revived each year, peach, invigorates our senses, adding warmth and renewal to our homes.

In Awe with Aqua

Warm water tones reminiscent of the Caribbean may often remind us of summer, but in fact, tranquil shades of aqua are ideal for Spring.

The soothing yet crisp hue brings an airy freshness to design. 

In Awe With Aqua

Trending this Spring is Pantone’s Limpet Shell. This dazzling shade of aqua is a seamless compliment to both deeply saturated and lighter grey hues. A tranquil Spring color palette anchored around aqua will leave you feeling refreshed. Wake up each morning to these revitalizing watery hues, as this elegant Spring color palette is perfect for a bedroom makeover.

Stay Grounded with Earth Tones

Stay Grounded with Earth Tones

Elegant earth tones are a minimalist designer’s dream. Although lively Spring color palettes are fun and invigorating, some homeowners prefer a more simplistic design.

Complimentary shades of dark and light green pair elegantly with the earthy brown tones. 

Capture the rebirth of floral life with a touch of pale pink throughout your room. These subtle earth tones will encapsulate the renewal of Spring in the most simplistic yet powerful way. A Spring color palette inspired by delicate earth tones will offer the perfect touch to your living room.

Interior design, much like the shifting seasons, transforms constantly. Each year at SENGA interior design we look forward to new Spring color palettes in order to offer you seasonal inspiration.  And, well, we are excited about how these Pantone Colors of the Year has been shaping design in 2016 already!

Which one of SENGA interior design’s Spring color palettes are you going to try?

Let us know in the comments below.