Throughout April, we have explored the importance of eco-friendly interior design and showcased some of our favorite products in SENGA’s Green Materials Guide. This month I had the pleasure of attending a lecture covering sustainable materials for kitchens and bathrooms.

Not only was I excited to gain additional insights from industry experts about sourcing and using green materials, but I was fortunate enough to discover Native Trails, a company dedicated to bridging traditional cultures and artisans with creative design. This wonderful company strives to enhance sustainable interior design in addition to remaining mindful of the environmental and economic impact of their business practices.

I am happy to see there is a growing market for green remodels here on the peninsula and world-wide. Your kitchens and bathrooms are fantastic places to implement green products and eco-friendly components in your home. Therefore, I am excited to share with you some SENGA inspired kitchen and bathroom updates ideal for your green remodel.

Going Green in the Kitchen

An industrial look is on trend in the kitchen this year. This raw and deliberately unfinished look relies heavily on wood and metal materials to achieve a neutral and utilitarian vibe in your kitchen. Opt for paperstone or concrete countertops to kick off your green kitchen. These durable yet eco-friendly materials are sturdy elements that will add a polished or rustic look, depending on your finish choices. Another way to incorporate green materials is with your sink and range hood. A brushed copper or nickel sink will pair well with your industrial counters. Native Trails offers beautiful hand crafted metal sinks. Carry this look throughout your kitchen with a matching oven hood and hardware. Finish off your industrial kitchen design with reclaimed wooden cabinets that complement an elegant recycled glass tile backsplash.

In addition to sustainable materials there are several ways to incorporate green initiatives within your kitchen. Start by using low-flow faucets and LED lighting. Then, choose energy efficient appliances to maximize your eco-friendly endeavors in this space.


Green Bathroom Designs

Green interior design for the bathroom offers an abundance of elegant options. Bamboo is a fantastic sustainable material for your bathroom. Implement this durable option by choosing bamboo cabinets. From there, a concrete sink and tub are bold statement pieces you will enjoy for years to come. If you prefer to incorporate a metallic touch to your bathroom design, there are a multitude of copper vessel sinks and tubs that are ideal for your bathroom as well. Much like the kitchen, glass tile can add an intricate design element to finish off your bathroom.


Like the kitchen, our bathrooms are also ideal areas in our home to implement green products and eco-friendly elements. When you decide to remodel your bathroom, choose low-flow faucets and shower heads in here as well.

Another way to save water in this space is with dual-flush toilets.  One phenomenal way to save on energy consumption and water usage is to install a flash heater near the bathroom.  Flash heaters warm the water for your shower or bath faster than a traditional water heater. This cuts down on the amount of water wasted while you wait for the warm water to reach your shower. In addition, they draw less energy than traditional heaters and can be installed in several locations throughout your home. Finally, you can also make energy saving swaps with your light bulbs in the bathroom as well.

The incorporation of green design elements within the kitchen and bathroom offers both homeowners and interior designers an avenue to enhance the wellbeing of our planet and the livelihood of traditional artisans across the world. One of the most profound aspects to eco-friendly design that I discovered this past week was the economic repercussions to purchasing materials that are not sustainably sourced.  At SENGA we love to incorporate striking design elements that have a unique history. I learned that by purchasing these items from traditional artisans or retailers that support these artisans, we can help to carry on the indigenous traditions and trades that have been passed down for generations.

For SENGA interior design, and myself, the preservation of our environment and the longevity of native artisans is paramount to sustainable design and eco-friendly business practices.


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