As hints of Spring begin to warm the Peninsula, you may be contemplating the dreaded task of Spring cleaning. While it may be an arduous undertaking, Spring cleaning helps us shed unnecessary clutter from our homes and our lives. Much like the renewal of Spring, a deep clean will bring your home a fresh airy feel even before you decorate.  

Here are several steps to get you started on your Spring cleaning! 

Step One: A Thorough Scrub

Set aside time to deep clean every room in your home especially your kitchen and bathrooms. Take time to remove any ground stains or unsightly spots in the carpet. Give your shower and bathtubs a solid once over as well, focus on scrubbing any grout lines where stains can set in. You will be amazed at the transformation a solid scrub will do to your home’s surfaces. 

Step Two: Organize

After a thorough scrub, be sure to organize your frequently used spaces. Rooms like the office, living room and kitchen see the most traffic and deserve your attention. De-clutter shelving, desks, countertops and storage areas. Not only will you be able to access your belongings - you will find a piece of mind knowing your space has been purged of unnecessary clutter. Kill two birds with one stone while you tidy up your shelves, dust off any surfaces while they are free of objects.  It may not be a fun task, but remember, organizing now will make cleaning easier for the rest of the year!

Step Three: Starting New

Once your space is free of clutter and your surfaces are spick and span, it’s time to think about decorating. Spring is time for new life and a fresh start after the chilly winter. It’s time to donate the old decorations you’ve been staring at for too long and add some eye catching pieces in your home. Think about what trends you would like to try in the Spring and make a list of all the home projects you want to achieve as the weather gets warmer. Like the changing world outside, your home can also reflect rebirth of Spring.  

Spring cleaning will help you and your home shed unnecessary items after winter. Go back to the basics of what you really need in your home and redecorate from there. A good clean space always inspires us here at SENGA, once clutter is removed and the bones of a room are exposed, the design options are endless.  

See your home transform after a deep clean and seasonal decorations make their way into your home. Stay tuned through March as we talk about Spring décor, accent colors and seasonal decorating tips for your home.  


Need help after your Spring cleaning? 

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