March is here and Spring is in the air! On the Peninsula, temperatures are rising and the days are becoming longer. At SENGA interior design, Spring reminds us of life and vitality which is why we love to incorporate spring decorations into our spaces.   

Spring décor is fresh and fun, perfect to cheer us up after the winter blues. As you put your winter wardrobe away it is also time to put away your winter décor and freshen up your home with signs of spring.  

Here are SENGA’s three reasons why you should decorate for Spring.  

Restore Vitality with Spring Décor

After months of cool temperatures and dreary weather patterns in the SFBA, Spring reminds us of hope and new life. Transition from cozy winter accents to fresh Spring shades with bright pops of color and bold patterns. Spring décor will bring the life back into your home. 

The Brilliance of Nature

The natural world offers an abundance of inspiration. Seasonal decorations allow your home to evolve all year long. Spring décor is exceptionally fun to play with, flowers are blooming, vibrant shades of green are emerging, the deep blue sky and brilliant yellow sun add warmth to our natural surroundings.

All these aspects of Spring that transform the outside world have the ability to transform your home’s interior as well. Nature inspired Spring décor will reconnect you with outdoor elements to brighten your home and spirit this year.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Spring instills within us a sense of hope and a yearning to be outside. Allow the fresh scents of spring into your home along with the beauty of nature.  As you open your windows and pull back your curtains allow the vibrant sun to fill your home with renewed life and a sense of anticipation for all that spring has to offer. 

We welcome spring with open arms at SENGA interior design. Stay tuned as we explore our favorite spring design trends, color concepts and décor throughout the month of march.  


 Do you decorate for Spring?   

What is your favorite part about adding a touch of spring to your home?