Welcome 'Home'

For over 12 years, SENGA Interior Design has been a leading commercial and residential design firm for the San Francisco Peninsula.  Now, after completing a relocation from San Mateo to Burlingame, California, we would like to welcome you to our fun and contemporary office space that feels more like a ‘home’ than an ‘office.’

Repurposed Family Heirlooms

I feel that the style of the space is truly defined by the hand carved table & settee from my husband's family.  This beautiful round table is one of the first things our clients see as they enter our new space!  You can see how we intentionally wanted to create a welcoming space that evoked the interior design elements that we integrate into our clients’ homes.

A Contemporary Twist

The new space also uses plenty of contemporary design elements to balance the traditional pieces.  For example, you can see how we used subtle contemporary fabrics to create an unexpected twist on the traditional furniture.  We also used a modern streamlined desk to compliment the large accent wall that boasts both a smooth coral finish, and locally sourced art from Janakos & Company, Burlingame.

My Branding Colors: Coral & Gray

I am sure you noticed the coral accent wall in the previous photo, but did you see the subtle ways the art integrates SENGA’s branding colors?  In this photo you can see a canvas print of my daughter's photo from her stay in Rome.  You can also see the ever so subtle back of the chairs bring in the coral and gray scheme.  Finally, we finished the look with potted plants and a comfy coral throw blanket.

Space to Cultivate Design

As the principal designer, I wanted to create a welcoming space that I looked forward to working in everyday.  Now I have ample space for myself and my employees, and I am surrounded by interior design inspiration.

Come see for yourself how the new SENGA office space truly brings together our colors and my passion for integrating contemporary design with a touch of the unexpected!