Interior design trends constantly evolve. We have moved on from chevron prints, ombré fabrics and faux finishes to embrace bold patterns, dynamic textures and progressive mixed metals.   

At SENGA interior design, adding a “touch of the unexpected’ is our favorite way to give your space character.  For the rest of February, we are excited to share 3 of our beloved design ideas sure to become new focal points in your home.

Mixed Metal Compliments

While 2015 showcased copper accents, 2016 brings us brass, gold and other metallic finishes to play with. Although mixing metals has long been considered a design faux pas, that is no longer the case! Warm metallic accents and feature design elements enhance the originality of your home. 

Metallic Kitchens

Get cooking with copper in your kitchen. Be bold with your backsplash, use copper tiles for a streamlined design that is sure to pop. You can implement something more ornate with an aged copper or hammered application instead.

Copper is a great option for a large focal piece like the oven hood as well. The beautiful patina look adds and a unique textured feel to your kitchen. 

Mix it up with your hardware. Satin nickel door pulls and faucets will pair beautifully with radiant copper hues found in your backsplash.

Metal Furniture Décor

From your living room to your bedroom, incorporate mixed metals in your classic furniture pieces.


Hammered brass rivets add an unexpected finish to leather sofas and ottomans.



Mix it up when you incorporate wrought iron and reclaimed wood coffee or side tables into the design. Want even more? How about bookshelves with bold metal elements.

Acclaimed Metal Accents

Beautiful mixed metal light fixtures and black oxidized door hardware are just some of the metallic accents you can incorporate throughout your home.

Mixed metals can also make their way into your decorative pieces such as elaborate gold leaf appliquéd mirrors or tarnished silver picture frames.


Another option to add a metallic flair, would be to opt for decorative pieces like copper vases or hammered silver trays for your favorite scented candles.

Mixed metal designs are limitless. With a plethora of components to play with, adding the perfect metal elements to complement your taste will be a cinch!  

Come back next week for another design element that will add a ‘touch of the unexpected’ to your home.   


Which mixed metal design is your favorite?  

Let us know in the comments below!