Residing on the Peninsula has many perks, however, lush green forests and landscaping isn’t one of them. As a designer, I am continuously inspired by natural elements. One of my passions is to bring the elegant feel of nature inside for the perfect touch of the unexpected. 

Playing with Plants

Succulent planters, terrariums, and moss gardens are an easy and fast way to bring nature into your home. Lush green accents add vibrant pops of color and a fresh twist to your decor.

Terrariums compact sizes make it easy to display micro ecosystems throughout your home and restore the balance of human and nature. If you really want to make a statement, living walls complete with moss and succulents create the ultimate outdoor vibe.  

Unexpected Elements

Another way to incorporate natural components within your home include placing organic materials such as pebbles and sand within your fireplace.  Live edge furniture pieces are another diverse way to incorporate nature in design.

Rough edged tree trunks make excellent side tables, add some mixed metals to the design with chemically treated iron to exhibit a natural appearance on your furniture. 

Light Goes a Long Way

Natural light works wonders. One of my favorite ways to showcase a beautiful view is to remove any window coverings. This allows your view to be a focal point creating a more intimate feel with the natural world outside. If you want to go the extra step to enjoy your natural surroundings, try latest luxury window trend for your home and install a Nanawall. The Nanawall is a glass sliding wall that gives you a direct access of all the nature that surrounds you in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

There is so much to be said about reacquainting yourself with the natural world. On the Peninsula and throughout the SFBA, we are so often surrounded by concrete, loud noises and endless traffic. Incorporating natures most beautiful elements within our homes is one way to ground ourselves after a hectic day.  

Not only do these elements allow us to be more in touch with our natural environment, they add a beautiful touch of the unexpected for us to enjoy year round.  


Which ecological renovation will you make to bring your home's interior closer to nature?   

Let us know in the comments below?