Did you love last week’s winter recipes? Get ready, because, SENGA interior design has more gourmet dishes for you to whip up. Prepare yourself for some of the best winter recipes to try this season.

These next gourmet recipes are sure to tantalize your senses

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Ricotta Gnocchi with Pan Seared Radicchio

Make any event spectacular by serving this gluten-free pumpkin ricotta gnocchi with pan seared radicchio. This winter recipe will make you seem like a five-star chef from Italy. The recipe may look daunting, but I assure you it is easy to master.

 Try it tonight for a delicious winter feast!

Cardamom Roasted Persimmons

Looking for something sweet to make besides family memories over winter break? Then try this gourmet dish.

Cardamom roasted persimmons are a fantastic end any winter meal! The aromatic flavor of cardamom seeps into the roasted persimmons just beautifully. Pair this with the sweet yogurt flavor to create a mouthwatering memory you will not forget.


Turkey, Pesto, & Cranberry Melt

Tired of eating the same old turkey dinner? This recipe puts a spin on the classic turkey sandwich.

The savory flavor of the pesto blends perfectly with the soft taste of melted mozzarella. Finished off with sweet fresh cranberries and tart sourdough bread. This winter dish is a great spin on holiday leftovers! 

If these winter recipes have you feeling like a chef, make cooking even more enjoyable, by adding kitchen remodel to your wish list this season. Set up your kitchen the way you have always wanted!

I hope you have tons of fun preparing all these delicious gourmet recipes.

 Which ones will you enjoy?