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While Agnes Moser admits to being inspired by almost anything and everything, it is her talent for bringing just the right elements together that makes her spaces both magical and memorable.

“In working with people from all around the world, I’ve found that everyone has a personal set of design references that create their experience of home.  My job is to bring those elements together to create an environment that is just right for them.”

"Our aim is not to leave our imprint on their space, but theirs,"

says Agnes.

"We want to make each of our clients feel that there is no place like (their) home."

Agnes grew up in Switzerland where, as she watched her parents remodel their farm-house home, she became fascinated with architecture, materials, texture and color. She formalized her knowledge studying Art and Design principles in England. After moving to the Bay Area, Agnes went on to earn a certificate in Interior Design.

Today, as head of Senga Interiors Design, Agnes heads a team of inspired, intuitive designers and craftspeople creating custom homes, offices and retail spaces throughout the Bay Area and beyond.

"A good designer focuses on what to put in.

A great designer focuses on what to leave out."

--Agnes Moser

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