Interesting, Exciting and Unexpected!

Senga Interior Design is very innovative and great to work with.
Agnes solved my color problems in a fraction of the time it would have taken me. And with a much better result. We now have a color map that includes a residence and an office building – inside and out.
It is interesting, exciting, and unexpected. Just what I hoped for.

Astrid G.

Absolutely Thrilled with the Results

When I first moved into my office space it was essentially a dark cave. No windows, weak spotlights illuminating one wall, and khaki-colored paint. Perfect for meditation and not much else. Agnes came in with a vision of bringing sunshine into the space… without knocking down anything. My office is now a sunny, bright, inviting space that people regularly compliment me on. She knew exactly what she was doing and advised me on area rugs, paint color, office furniture selection, and even helped me create a faux window to disguise a closet and bring in light. Agnes was responsive, professional, and kept within my budget. I am absolutely thrilled with the results and highly recommend her services.

Jen M.

A Pleasure to Experience

Agnes creates the most charming designs, whether a small space or large her work is very comforting and a pleasure to experience.

Dean J.B.

Agnes Thinks Outside the Box

When hiring a designer, I want someone who thinks outside the box, who is intuitive, who is practical, professional but approachable, and who has my best interests in mind. Agnes is all of this and more. I have contracted with Agnes on numerous occasions – from remodeling a law office, to my kitchen, to finding furniture, and lots more – and she has never disappointed. She has exceptional vision and makes things happen on time and within budget. For example, she knows I like color, and it wasn’t until she suggested some red cabinets in my kitchen that the project came alive for me. At the same time, Agnes is an exceptionally nice person with whom to work so you’re getting a lovely experience with a great result.

George O.

Agnes is an Amazing Designer with Exceptional Vision

Agnes is an amazing designer with exceptional vision. She gets to know you and your style and makes a personal commitment to make you happy. Our relationship began when I asked her design school to send their best student to work on our leased office space, and Agnes’s name was provided. That became the beginning of an amazing journey for I subsequently hired Agnes to personally help me with bedrooms, with our kitchen, and our dining and living rooms. She makes every project work seamlessly, and she does everything with professional grace and good humor. The design field is a competitive one, but look no further: You should have every confidence working with Agnes.

Peggy C.

Agnes is Terrific

I hired the very pleasant Agnes Moser several years ago to update my dining room with new chairs and a light fixture. She also selected light fixtures for our entryway as well as bedrooms. She was terrific. Our dining room chairs are extremely comfortable and our light fixtures are stunning and unique. She understood our needs and her costs were well within our budget. Agnes is exceptionally good at listening to your ideas as well as getting you to think outside the box. She is also very knowledgable on both the aesthetic and technical side of things. She is a real professional–you won’t be disappointed.

Janet C.

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